Duck ceramics mini planter and mini cactus

Duck ceramics mini planter and mini cactus


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These adorable mini plant pots are handmade by Alice from Duck Ceramics, in her pottery studio in Brighton. 


They are made using the slip casting method, which involves pouring three different stained porcerlains into a mould one after the other to create a skin of colour. The interior of each piece is glazed to make it water tight but the outside is left unglazed and sanded twice to give it a soft matt finish, contrasting nicely to the glossy interior. These mini planters come in four colour combinations, and measure 6cm tall and 6cm wide. 


Comes with a small cacti, randomly selected from our five mimi cacti! Cacti thrive on neglect, so as long as you water infrequently and keep it somewhere sunny, it’ll be happy!