Handmade Terrazzo Pot and Asparagus Fern (asparagus setaceus)

Handmade Terrazzo Pot and Asparagus Fern (asparagus setaceus)


These gorgeous terrazzo plant pots are handmade in Reading. Each item is casted by hand, then sanded to reveal colourful terrazzo chips, and lastly sealed with a water retarding sealer to protect against water damage. Each one has a drainage hole in the bottom, to prevent water logging. Clean with a soft damp cloth and gentle soap. It is advised to clean off all strong contaminants as soon as possible as these items can stain.


The asparagus fern is native to South Africa and has delicate, feathery foliage. Fast growing and easy to care for, this is a favourite among houseplant lovers. 


Like most ferns, the asparagus fern thrives in a warm, humid environment. This makes them ideally suited for a bathroom, or alternatively, it will benefit from regular misting. It is best to keep the soil moist with regular waterings, and in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight. 


Plant height: 28cm

Plant pot height: 12cm 

Terrazzo pot dimensions: 15 cm x 11.5 cm