Rubber Plant (ficus robusta)

Rubber Plant (ficus robusta)


The deep, verdant, green and waxy glisten of the leaves of this rubber plant put you in mind of lush oases amidst the tropical jungles of their home.


Native to South and South East Asia, rubber plants have been naturalised as far away as the West Indies and the US, and additionally are popular as durable, easy-to-care-for houseplants. Growing up to 30m tall in their natural habitat, you can thankfully manage the size of your indoor rubber plant effortlessly through pot size. 


A bold and sophisticated addition to your collection; the rubber plant stands out as a centrepiece because of it’s intense colouring and pleasing, rounded leaves, or works well grown larger as a tree-like cornerstone of your indoor jungle.


Much like the variegated versions, you should only water your rubber plant once the soil has dried out completely. While the classic rubber plant requires less light than the 'Tineke' variety, it still prefers bright, indirect light. 


Plant height: 34cm

Pot height: 9.4cm

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